Get 100% SLG Scholarship and Become a Shooting Star!


Are you into photography? Are you looking for a professional course to shine your skills and shoot as you will? Do you dream to become a professional photographer, a real Shooting Star? But haven’t figured out how to go about it?
Come join IIP…

We offer you a full scholarship for a one-month pre-professional online photography course. All you have to do is share your story here, share all about your passion for photography with us, tell us what attracts you towards photography and get a 100% full scholarship for a One-Month ‘Pre-Professional Online Photography Course’. Welcome to the world of Photography… Come experience IIP!
WHO can apply?
Anyone with a dream to become a professional photographer is eligible to apply! Anyone who has the photographer’s eyes? Anyone who can capture the reality and make it into a story? Anyone who has the photographic-instinct that stands out from the crowd? Anyone who thinks they have what it takes to become a Pro Photographer?
If you are just out of school and looking for a professional course to enter the world of photography, experience IIP. Opt for the Full Scholarship to learn the basics of photography sitting at home and kick-start your dream career. We will show the way forward for you to achieve a shining career.
Join IIP and get the 100% full scholarship for a One-Month Pre-Professional Online Photography Course!
Become an IIPian and be OUR Shooting Star!

WHAT you have to do achieve this scholarship?

IIP is offering the biggest scholarship for young and amateur photographers – If you have something outstanding to share with the world, we will help you get there! Just share 5 of your best shots with us. If you are shortlisted all you will have to do is SHARE YOUR IIP STORY, YOUR JOURNEY WITH IIP ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES. Share your feelings after you get selected for the 100% scholarship for one-month Pre-Professional Photography Course.
Stop just fiddling with the camera and become a professional, starting today!
WHERE – It’s Online, No need to come to the Institute.

We have pledged to take the photography revolution to every nook and corner of our country by offering students and photography enthusiasts a golden opportunity to avail a 100% scholarship to learn all the basics of Photography Online, sitting at home! Just logon to our website, apply for scholarship and start your course.
We are the only institution in Asia offering interactive online photography courses as well as regular professional courses.

If your shots click well, you can escalate from being a pre-professional photographer to a professional photographer by taking our regular professional photography courses at IIP Institute.

WHEN can you avail the scholarship?
Now! If you have just completed your 10th, 11th, 12th or if you are under-graduate and looking for a career option to pursue, then IIP is your destination. Apply at and become a Shooting star.

WHY should you avail this scholarship?
To rub your passion for photography and render it into the choice as a blooming career we are offering you a full scholarship for a one-month pre-professional online photography course. Photography has a misconception of being one of the most expensive career options given the high course fees. But IIP takes full responsibility to create an army of budding photographers fighting the cost issues. Photography is not only a skill set that you learn it’s a lifestyle that we invite our students into. Avail the golden opportunity and kick-start your photography career; you don’t get this big a chance often!

HOW the course will flow?
This is a one-month online interactive Pre-Professional scholarship course where faculty interacts with you and teaches you all the basics of photography. You are connected with the faculty to interact and share your thoughts and clear all your doubts till completion of the course. This course is designed and developed in an innovative way for you to learn the basics of photography from anywhere in the world and at your own pace. This gives you a complete idea of what is entailed in a Professional Photography course as a career option. To choose a photography career the way you have always wanted to.

The course flow:
READ and Understand (in your control panel),
INTERACT (with faculty),
SHOOT PICTURES (as per the given assignments and understanding),
SUBMIT (upload 5 pictures in Control panel),
GRADE and COMMENT on technical and creative aspects (of every assignment by faculty).
You will be given a login ID and password. With the ID and the Password you can directly go to the control panel. Through the control panel you will be able to participate and go through with your course. The interface is easy and very interesting. You will also become a member of our fast growing IIP family. You will learn and get the access to join the IIP Club with renowned photographers and the who’s who of the industry. The IIP Photography Club network will help you immensely in more ways than you can imagine to pace-set your photography career. Once you are into the creative network, getting famous for your work just becomes just a part of your work-life. Join the club on facebook for life at: ( )

Even after the completion of your course your ties with us will not be torn. We will be in constant touch with you after you complete and will expose you to many more creative possibilities… exhibitions, contests and earnings from your pictures.

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